Post Xmas Party Ride: Stanmer

24 12 2009

The snow (yes, snow! Woohoo!) just before the Muddy@rse Christmas dinner led to an eleventh, or possibly midnight, hour decision to hit the snowy trails around Stanmer the following morning. Well, Lisa actually insisted we should all go! A few morning texts and forum posts to ensure that it wasn’t the alcohol talking, gear prepared, car packed and off to the almost snowbound Uni car park where Rick, Ollie, Sally, Gez and Jim (again on the Muddy@rse “Courtesy bike”) were waiting for a  bit of  singletrack playtime under clear blue skies and over a good few inches of powder snow.

So, bikes ready and thermal gear worn, Gez led us on a loop around the campus and up above Stanmer house along some hardpack ice and snow covered trails.

The majority of the Stanmer singletrack has suffered after the onslaught of the last few months heavy rain, but for this ride at least the area was transformed into a mix of fun, grippy and occasionally slippery tracks. We threaded our way through the trees and over the log jumps, gradually hitting quieter and quieter trails until the only tracks to follow were deer footprints in the snow.

Before starting the return leg there was the mandatory snowball fight, indeed for some muddy@rsers, this had actually been going on and off for the majority of the ride anyway (not pointing fingers at anyone, eh Ollie?) The final fast downhill trail led back to the Uni campus where we debated the merits of trying to ride down a flight of some rather icy concrete steps. Discretion was obviously the better part of valour so it was a slightly more gentle ride back to the cars. Over the post ride coffee all agreed that, although a short ride distance-wise, it was very high on the fun factor.  Guy

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