Muddy@rse: The Winter Movie

10 01 2010

Here it is our first joint movie.  It’s taken all day but been good fun to put together.  A lovely snowy ride across the flat Pevensey Marshes, in an complete blizzard!  Brilliant fun, and a fantastic way for me to return to my bike.  Just what the Doctor ordered…enjoy !




3 responses

11 01 2010
Rich and Donna

Yay! excellent stuff. Great to see Lisa back out on the bike, in challenging conditions too! Glad your souls got some fresh air 🙂

R D +1/2

12 01 2010

Well done Lisa good to see you back on a bike, bet it was great to be out..


12 01 2010

thanks you two, it was great to be out and although it was flat as a pancake, I loved every minute. The blizzard we were in is what dumped all the snow for the Boyz ride the following day. se vid above for that it’s truly mad. But, I’ve never ridden in the snow before, lovely and grippy…whatever you tyre 🙂

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