Winter Clobber

10 01 2010

What works in my winter wardrobe open to read more:

Shoes:  Shimano goretex winter boots – the latest version.  They’re thermally lined and on all but the coldest of night rides, keep my feet toasty warm; and I suffer from really cold feet.   Especially when I wear my cosy merino socks.  The boots are generall great but there are 2 issues I have with them; they haven’t got the best grip in mud for the odd hike a bike section and they do let the rain in from the hole at the top, especially when wearing tights.  The only way I have been successful in keeping the rain from running down my legs and filling the boots, is to wear waterproof trousers.

Overboots:  For those freezing cold night rides, just add a neoprene extra layer.  Failing that bin bags inside the boots.

Feet: smartwool merino socks.  Can’t beat them.

Legs:  Pearly Izumi fleecy winter tights, with pad.  Add extra layer of fleecy tights without pad added for freezing days and nights.  Waterproof trousers on top of that if really raiing and don’t want wet feet.

Body (Baselayer): merino, merino, merino!  you just can’t beat this stuff it keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer.  Yes, it’s not the cheapest but let me tell you; I’ve worn the same baselayer for 2 weeks now (on and off bike) and it’s still not stinking, honest.  Icebreaker make the softest tops but there’s also Endura, Smartwool, Ibex etc, £35 will get you something worth having.

Body (Top 1):  Long sleeve fleecy lined tops from Gore, Pearl Izumi, Endura. does a fantastic range of women’s stuff.  My personal favourite at the moment is anything Pearl Izumi, fun colours and designs with fab fit. I’m a sucker for it.

Body (Top 2):  Pearl Izumi Insulator Jacket.  My bargain jacket from america that I was gutted about shredding on the arm when I had my crash.  The blood washed out and I ignore the holes and man this jacket is a godsend and I love it even more now because it’s successfully kept me warm with or without a waterproof jacket.  I just love this jacket.

Body (waterproof):  eVent is the fabric we’ve gone for.  Extremely breathable, cheaper than Goretex and some say, performs better too.  Altura and Endura are the bike specific jackets we’re currently using it; cost around £120.

Head:  Polar Buff.  Brilliant bit of kit; it’s Buff with a bit of fleece sewn onto the bottom.  Fleece goes round yer neck, the buff over your head & face to keep the squall out.  Can get a bit sweaty where you’re breathing but stops me getting such bad chesty coughs from swallowing loads of freezing air.  Sugoi headband; keeps your ear toasty if really really cold.

Hands:  Sealskinz waterproof gloves or Gore windstopper gloves.  The latter gives you more feel on the controls, but the first keeps the water out too.  It’s a trade off and I decide on the day.

Camelbak:  Add a bit of warm water and orange squash to stop it freezing and also gives you a lovely surprise as you slurp, hmmmm, warm orange…you could pretend it’s mulled wine; actually, filling camelbak with mulled wine would possibly be even better, just don’t drive home!

Hipflask:  filled with your favourite tipple, brilliant on night rides and great to share out with yer mates.

IMHO all the above are well worth the extra £’s needed to keep you riding through the snowy trails and I’d recommend them all.  Got anything you’d like to add to the list ?

Happy New Year everyone and happy biking in 2010…Lisa




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