Ride Report: 24 Jan 2010

26 01 2010

First club ride of the new decade and what a ride to start off with.  Surrey Hills and the trails on Holmbury and Pitch beckoned us, tempted from our warm beds with the new finish to Barry Knows Best; now christened ‘Barry Know Better’ by all Muddy@rsers.   Regular Muddy@rser, RichF, kindly put together today’s ride and led the 20 strong group around these stunning trails (big thanks Rich).

Running alongside the club ride was a small, but very happy, group consisting me, Donna and Lenni.  For various reasons we weren’t up to singletracking, but our ride intertwined the main ride all morning so we could share the banter and smiles; which were bursting out all over the place at the end of each singletrack.  And boy, those smiles were as wide as the Severn Bridge…brilliant to see!

Rick put his Trek Remedy through its paces and managed to get a bit of  nice handlebar-cam footage en-route…check this out (er, warning: the music’s a bit ‘groovy’) Ming is in front riding those lovely new berms on Barry Knows Better.     To finish was the usual coffee and cake back at the car (thanks all for your donations). 

Rich also took some great photos here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/13519914@N00/sets/72157623275252216/

Next ride will be 28 Feb, venue TBC, ride leader TBC; offers of help required please.  Cheers, Lisa

Oh, and if you’re a big fan of the beautiful areas we rode on today (known as the Hurtwood), I’d encourage you to join the Hurtwood Control Trust. It’s an organisation that looks after the Hurtwood and has done a huge amount to raise the profile of mountain bikers; MTBers are respected and have a big say in what happens on the Hurtwood but to have a proper it pays to join. That fantastic new end to BKB was down to the work of the Hurtwood Control Trust!  Please do consider joining so we can keep enjoying the trails for years to come smile.gif  Thanks and see you next time biggrin.gif  Rich




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5 02 2010

I think Ming should have gone faster. Anyone else agree?

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