Long(er) Fast(er) Hard(er) Rides 2010

6 04 2010

Rob (the singlespeed demon) has very kindly offered to kick start this year’s series of rides.  These rides were a work in progress last year and went down very well, no one got left behind and everyone finished the day feeling suitably challenged.  A few dates still need leaders though and offers of help welcomed.

16 May – leader needed

13 June – Rob leading

11 July – Rob leading

15 August – leader needed

12 Sept – Rob leading

Distance: 30 miles minimum

Hills:  1000 mtrs minimum

Pace:  fast with minimal stops (10mph average min)

Food: bring lots & be prepared to eat on the go

Water: ditto

Spares: bring spare tubes, no time to repair tubes on these rides…better still, use slimes.

Location info: will be posted on forum by ride leader one week beforehand.

SOH:  vital

Pain: will be your friend by the end of these rides !

Group size: 10 riders to keep pace high, make sure you post on the forum to book your place. 

 Oh, and don’t forget to enjoy yourselves 🙂  Lisa




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