6 04 2010

(to be read in mock-David Attenborough stylee )

From its enforced hibernation, the Mountainbiker appears.  Bad weather, limited daylight hours and lack of motivation all compounding to limit its time on ‘the trails’ during winter.

Bleary eyed and blinking repeatedly through watery eyes, tears stream from the wind.  Its body slowly unfurling to welcome new habitat, relinquishing its warm place of winter rest (delete as appropriate bed-sofa-caravan) into the unfamiliar, but very welcome, sunshine. 

Unsure how to react the mountainbiker takes a few tentative turns of its pedals.  Steadying itself as it goes, finding balance under wheel.  Then suddenly, a squeal!  Not of fear or from Hope brakes, but of excitement as memories flood back of days gone by and the realisation that – spring has arrived!   

The mountainbiker has awakened to ride another year; renewed, invigorated and ready to blast trail.   Mint Sauce!




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