Muc Off 8 Race – Pippingford Park, Nutley

12 04 2010

Pre-ride Saturday

Conspiracy Theory:  Had deliberately directed the trail through some of the sloppiest, stinkiest mud that Sussex can throw at you to promote how brilliant their products were?  Jury’s out on that one.  Depends if you like mud or not I suppose.

Apparently some turned up, pre-rode, then went straight back home again because it was THAT muddy!  Steve Peat’s 2.02min record on the ‘downhill’ section didn’t get broken; although Rick did manage a very respectable 2.43mins on race day in traffic.

Sussex Muddy@rse had a clan of around 15 riders who’d entered solo, pairs and team categories.  With me acting as their Pit Bitch – or should that be Pit Slug after seeing this photo on the forum !!!

(clicky link to forum for some pics & read about the Riders experiences )

Our spirits were high and Saturday night saw us all, somehow, managing to cram in one tent and batten down the hatches to keep the houlie blowing up the hill from chilling us down.   Once settled, much silliness was set upon and a new game of ‘balloon hoopla’ was soon invented…I suppose you had to be there 🙂

Race Day

Most (er not me) were up early and getting ready for Riders Briefing, which followed immediately with the Le Mans start to your bike – if you could find it through the smoke screen – and the race was on.

40 mins later the leaders were back at the start line.  Honestly, it’s staggering how fit these guys are.  I think most Sussex Muddy@rsers were lapping in 1.05-1.30 mins which was brilliant considering the trail conditions and race traffic etc.

An event wouldn’t be an event without spills.  We had our fair share including bangs to the head, cuts to knees and a complete dunking in the lake at the water splash lol !   With stories from the trail filtering back of broken ankles and wrists though, I think we all did very well to come out relatively unscathed. 

Hero of the Day:  It HAS to be Robin (Robbo167).  8 laps, practically without stopping, and still a huge grin on this face at the finish line.  Epic ride mate.

So there is was, the first Muc Off 8.  General opinion is tweeks are needed in the organisation (camping, marshalls, toilets, showers, food availability etc) but to have a race 1/2hr away from your doorstep can’t be sniffed at so no doubt we’d be back next year…even if it’s only for the craick!

Well done to you all, the Pit Slug 🙂




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