Club Ride: Lost in the Supermarket – April 2010

25 04 2010

Where was the supermarket?  Will we get lost?  Will we ever find our way out?  No need to worry at ride briefing ride leaders Moab  Simon & Jon revealed they’d named the ride after a Clash song clicky link for play(

Ride Stats:

  • 24 miles
  • 700mtrs climbing
  • really really windy & riding through whisping low cloud base (?volcanic ash)
  • 1 crash (heal soon Martin)
  • 1 crank mashing (hope you got home safe Ash)
  • 5 punctures – most of them Ming’s 🙂
  • 1 bizarre tyre explosion (see new header photo)
  • 18 happy riders glad to see their cars after the headwind battering riding lush cliffside singletrack
  • coffee & cake (thanks Guy) to finish

Simon & Jon lead us from Telscombe Tye out onto the Downs; onto a cheeky motocross track; dropped into Southease; UP Itford Hill; sharp right and blasted into the valley then staight back up again to top of Seaford Golf Course; route diversion into Seaford; along seafront; across the ‘Pebble Dash’; cheeky singletrack into Newhaven; hot toasted sarnies at the quayside cafe; up Castle Hill to the lighthouse; cheeky clifftop singletrack (which is rapdily decreasing due to coastal erosion) then a split some on road, some finishing the singletrack.  Everyone knackered back at the cars.  That was a toughie.  Great to see some new faces today, welcome Ash & Tom. 

Big thanks to ride leaders Moab Simon & Jon for putting together today’s ride and keeping us together through all the mechanicals, punctures and offs.  T’was a great ride. 

Simon & Jon are leading the May ride too, starting from Saltdean Lido out onto the Downs.  Details to follow shortly.

Next ride: 16 May for the Long(er) Fast(er) Hard(er).  Check out the forum for details.

Til next time….Lisa




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