Club Ride Report: 27 June 2010

28 06 2010

Such a Perfect Day!

Rick and I’d put together what we thought was a great loop mazing its way all around the Forest, taking in just about every bit of singletrack we had to offer, and all the great bombholes to play in along the way.  We’d invited our pals The Tunnel Hill Troll to a ride out to say thanks for taking us round their patch late last year. 

“England vs Germany match at 3 today, bet the car park’s empty”, Rick said as we drove to the meet point; but as we arrived (on time!) there were already 23 riders waiting to hit the trails, now that was a nice surprise.

Lullington Viewpoint 4 by ussmak69. 

10.00am – temperature 24 degrees and rising!


Our ride consisted 5 long climbs in the forest and 2 out on the Downs, but the payback was mile after mile after mile of glorious dusty downhill singletrack working its way through the lush cool trees.  Oh yes, we were definitely in the best place possible today.

 1006270018 by ussmak69.

12 noon – temperature 28 degrees!

Singletrack, singletrack, singletrack too much to list was ridden by very happy riders; the bombholes providing a well earned adrenaline rush if you were up for it – some with almost vertical drop-ins.

 1006270038 by ussmak69.

14 miles of fantastic dusty trails (ride these trails with us winter, you’ll know why we were so happy today) we arrived back at the car park 4hrs after starting out, buzzing but heat weary. 

2.30pm – temperature 30 degrees!

The option to do more riding out onto the Downs was taken up by the Trolls who fancied a few classic climbs, including the chalky white pull onto Winchesters Pond and One Tree Hill, finishing off with a final blast down Stump Alley and Sh!t Cr-eek!

 1006270065 by ussmak69.

I stayed behind to get the BBQ going (method in my madness?  oh I think so!) where Dave and Bob joined me to cook up a mean steak or 8, teriyaki chicken, bangers and burgers galore.  The remaining riders now clambering for some grub and a nice cold beer – oh yes, we had nice cold beer too!

Waving good by to the Trolls, we continued our feast and chat of rides and events to come, until the sun started lowering.  What a great, great way to spend a perfect summer’s day.  

Rick and I really enjoyed sharing our day with you all and we’d all like to welcome Sara, Ron, Ben and Steve who joined us for their first Muddy@rse ride.  Look forward to seeing you on future rides.

Til next time…. Lisa

If you want to ride with the Trolls you can contact them here: .  I know they’ll gladly show you around their excellent trails. 

Photos courtesy of Ming the Merciless check out the rest here:




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