Club Ride: August with The Tilgate Maseef!

23 08 2010

Back around Xmas time, a collective of Muddy@rsers who like to be known as ‘The Tilgate Maseef’, were cajoalled into leading a ride for me on their local patch.  Tilgate Forest, nr Crawley.

This group of muddy@rsed urchins regularly night ride together in the forest and, thankfully for us, know its trails like they know every knobble on their knobbly fat tyres.

Leaving home it was biblically chucking it down, but a date’s a date so in the car we got with heavy hearts; realising though that if it weren’t for the motivation of meeting up with a bunch of likeminded mates to ride some muddy trails in a forest somewhere, we’d be sat at home miserable watching rubbish tv.  Hurrah for Muddy@rse and all who ride with her.

Unfortunately for me, I’d been struck with yet another migraine (off to docs tomorrow to try and sort out) but what a surprise as we turned into the car park.  It was sprawling with 31 eager riders chomping at the bit to go ride and the rain had stopped!  Double whammy.

Waving everyone off I returned to the car for 2hrs shut eye to get rid of headache- which worked – and then hooked up with Donna, baby Catherine and Sandra for a short stroll before the riders returned. 

Tales of great trails, some old, some new, mud, jumps, stairs, were emerging from the riders but also that someone had had a big off with suspected broken collar-bone – ouch!  (now confirmed, get well soon John).  A post-ride BBQ was on the cards to celebrate Chadders’ birthday, but the weather gods were having none of it as it started to rain.  But a surprise birthday cake appeared instead and we all (very badly) embarrassed him with a snap rendition of Happy Birthday.  Happy Birthday Chadders!

Chadders, Dave, Mark and Bob had put together and delivered their first ride proper ride for Muddy@rse, and it was a busy one.   You all did great guys, well done and thank you.  You know what’s gonna have to happen now though don’t you?  A repeat ride, so I can join you 🙂

Here’s to next time riding with The Maseef.


PS  As always, big thanks to everyone who brought tea, coffee & cake.  I didn’t earn it, but it was delicious 🙂




2 responses

23 08 2010

All – thanks for coming along and helping to make the Muddy@rse club rides what they are – a trailtastic social event.
The new guys – well done for mucking in with a bunch of nutters and enetering into the spirit of things.
John – get well soon.
Chadders, Dave & Mark – great team effort.
Rich – great pics (as usual)
Lisa – Bring it on (As soon as your head/neck allow)

23 08 2010

Oh, I almost forgot – Guy, thanks for making everybody else feel like they arrived on time. 😉

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