Recycling your cycle (and cycle parts)

15 09 2010

I was in one of my local bike shops (Head for the Hills in Dorking) the other week when I spotted what looked like a rubbish bin of spare parts lurking in a corner. Intrigued, I asked the staff what the bin was all about, and I learnt that it’s part of a really cool collection scheme for old bike parts.

It turns out that whilst your bike cassette and chain might be utterly worn out, it’s still good enough to use on bikes for bimbling about for folks in places like Namibia. These are people who have no transport at all and having a bike can make a big difference. If you’re interested in what they do with the bikes and parts then you can read more here and here

The bike shop in question sent a whole van full of unwanted and worn out bikes to Namibia recently and are on the look out for more. It’s amazing how much they collected! (click photo for more info)

I had a sort out recently and have a whole pile of stuff that I’m never going to use (6 inch lengths of cable outer anyone? STX Parallax front hub dating from 1998?)
If you have stuff lying about (or even bikes lying about!) and would like to give it a new lease of life then I’m happy to take it off you hands at one of the monthly club rides and eventually (once I have enough) I’ll drop it off at the bike shop when I’m next over in Dorking. How’s that sound?

Rich “Bob Geldof” F




3 responses

16 09 2010

and half the stuff in that van is probably better than my bike, how do I get my name on the recipients list, lol?

18 09 2010
Bob Armour

Will pack a few bits and bring them along next week.

18 09 2010
Ming the Merciless

Same here

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