Redhill Rumble 2 – Caketastic!

2 10 2010

So it came to pass that 18 Muddy@rsers gathered one September Sunday morning in the station car park at Redhill. Whilst not glorious sunshine, conditions were dry and cloudy, with the chance of a shower. Thankfully, the rain held off until right at the end, and even then wasn’t too bad.

The group was a mixture of regular muddy@rsers (Chadders, Belugabob, Ollie and Sally, Mike aka Retrobiker, Stumpy Steve, Mark, Ming, JimXC) and some new faces or folks we’d not seen for a while (Tim, Fran and friends, Aaron). I was quite relieved that it wasn’t the enormous group (39!) of the last visit to Redhill! JimXC played the part of Guy by turning up with seconds to spare before we left the car park, and by the sounds his laboured breathing he’d pushed quite hard to ride to Redhill on time..


Out of the car park and a couple of miles of road to warm up the legs and get us out of the town centre. The usual banter and chat – I love the energy of a group with fresh legs!

chit chat pedal

Onto the dirt and down through pretty Gatton Park (A landscape designed by “Capability” Brown doncha know. A quick diversion into James’s Crack Den for a smooth and swooshy roll in. Ming was caught eyeing up an especially loose looking huck line – sorry Ming – next time eh?

From the school its up up up – or the nice expression for a climb offered by Aaron, it’s a section of “descent preparation”. One I’ll remember…Quick breather at Wray Lane then along to the viewpoint at Colley Hill. Very pleasant views across Surrey and into Sussex. Off the main drag and down to Margery Woods for Marjorie’s Singletrack. Pretty much the last time I’ll ride this path this year, as some sections get very very boggy. The mud was thankfully still firm and it turned out to be a very enjoyable long singletrack section. One iffy rooty drop but no incident. Then onto the golf course run – a sustained glorious narrow path, complete with very grumpy runners (Yes, I rang my bell, yes I was really friendly but some people round here struggle with the idea cyclists being on “their paths” – ho hum). Really nice flowy pace through this part and much grinning as we reached the end. Quick breather and onto Super Smooth Ewok Trail, which was erm smooth, and twisty through the trees. Up the hill and onto Surprisingly Good Downhill, which had no business being as fun as it was. More narrow twisty stuff and onto Climb That’s Not Got Much Going For It, which was, well, a bit dull. We did meet the newest member of the group, Crazy Frog, who was mercifully quite and didn’t burst into one of hits top ten “hits”.


Thankfully more interesting trails followed and lead us to the top of the Hairpin Descent. The toughest part of the ride technically, a warning was given to the group, Ming had already set off – it’s a like red rag to a bull, say that something is a bit tricky and he’s off like a shot. I next saw him at the bottom grinning madly exclaiming that it was quite a satisfactory downhill. Steep, scrabbly with a huge bermed corner, everyone loved this. We also used walkie talkies and an advance party to make sure the trail was walker-free (an underestimated benefit of group rides). Once the adrenalin had subsided it was off across Reigate Heath and back along the Greensand Way. We’d made good time and so had a chance to visit Donna’s Drop (the remains of quarrying on Redhill Common), with the braver members of the group navigating their way down a slimy muddy cliff face, with everyone else enjoying the show. Very entertaining and no injuries other than a few muddy slide marks. A final flourish was provided by secret trail 2T, and back to the car park. Cars open and a fine collection of cakes were assembled. Many thanks to everyone who contributed – special thanks to Fran and Donna for homemade efforts – much appreciated! Tea, scoffing and good chat followed to end a very successful day’s riding. Thanks everyone for making the journey and see you next time! Rich F




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