Lisa’s Top Ten of Riding a Mountain Bike

16 02 2011

Sitting here with two rides under my belt this weekend,

watching the moisture outside slowly increase,

feeling great and looking forward to my next adventure,

I got to thinking.

What IS so good about riding a bike?

Well for me it’s a Top Ten of:



1.  Going fast downhill

2.  Pushing beyond my limits

3.  Riding berms

4.  Riding steep stuff

5.  Dropping in

6.  Fast & Flowing singletrack

7.  Spending time with some great mates

8.  Travelling to places new

9.  Enjoying fresh air in my lungs

10. Bringing on a buzz – feeling alive!



I also got to playing with my camera so here’s an artistic impression

of me riding Shit Creek! a year or so ago

Drop-in, Smile-in



Shit Creek! is a serious series of 4 drop ins in Friston.  Join us on a ride and we’ll even show you where they are . They definitely bring the buzz on… 🙂





3 responses

17 02 2011

Pootling along and enjoying the view..

17 02 2011

Shit creek is much steeper than that ireal life

17 02 2011

You forgot to mention cake!

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