March Club Ride – Smugglers Ride – 27th March

13 03 2011

Smugglers up to no good before sneaking off on South Downs tracks


Something different this month – a chance to ride some of our fantastic South Downs tracks, and at the same time discover a little bit about the unsavoury sorts who have used the same tracks in years gone by. Muddy@rse regular and Eastbourne local Darth aka Nick writes:

“The Smugglers Ride
In a search for secret trails I have found a route which has been used by smugglers over the years. The plan is to have a gentle-ish ride of about 18 miles, along some of these ancient routes. The route will be suitable for less regular riders and in the spirit of the original of muddy@rse all will be welcome!

There will be hills to ride over. But I anticipate some rest stops, in those rest stops I will give a brief account of smuggling in the local area ghost stories and interesting factoids and folk stories.
For those who like pain and yearn for adventure Ming will be on hand to lead a select group (in parallel) along some tougher trails, including riding some exhilarating singletrack and bombholes.

So if you ever wondered about riding your bike with Muddy@rse this is the perfect opportunity…

It is single speedable, But not by me !
Tyres optional, black ones preferred”

So to clarify, this ride is aimed at getting many of you forum lurkers out there riding your bikes and we’ll aim to keep the more regular and experienced riders happy with some extended jaunts into Friston forest to enjoy some singletrack and swoopy stuff. Ladies very welcome, come and join us!

Time: 10 for 10:30 roll.
Meeting point/ parking: Update by Ollie – Please see the forum thread for the latest details;

We’ll be out for up to four hours and probably won’t stop for food so please come prepared. Donations of cakes at the end most welcome – tea and coffee will be provided (but again flasks of tea/coffee/hot water very welcome as we do run out!)





4 responses

22 03 2011

tyhe forum says this ride is on Sunday 27th not 26th?

22 03 2011
Rich F

MB – well spotted
Now updated

see you there!

23 03 2011
Hamster Fangs

Looking forward to this. It’ll be my first muddy@rse ride.
Forest and surrounding trails were superbly dry on Tuesday night. Will prob’ly be taking my rigid single speed – if it hasn’t fallen to bits by then.

24 03 2011
Miles hockliffe

Thought you may like to know of a funky bit of software I found for use with a GPS & google earth

lets you replay rides with a funky Avatar plonked on the screen, what it it depends on whether you walking riding or hangliding.
Keep your eyes out for my partneron this W/E Smuggler ride, give her some encouragement, its her 1st bike ride since our baby arrived . . .she’ll be the quiet one on a black & Red Trek Fuel

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