A cautionary tale of mis-navigation – “I know let’s ride to Cannock Chase”

19 05 2011

Regular Muddy@rser EddyDave tells a cautionary of the “let’s just…” kind. Anyone got anymore stories of when they decided to “just” do something that turned out to be a bit more than expected?

‘I know lets ride to Cannock Chase’
So as you can probably already guess it didn’t go so well, but I’ll start at the begining
I’ve been at Staffordshire University at the Stafford campus for nearly a whole academic year. One of the reasons I chose the uni (other than a great Film Production Tech course) was that Cannock Chase was not too far away and is full of great mountain biking. Which other than film and photography is my main hobby.
For some reason I’ve only been there once and that was to scout out the location for a film that never got past the planning stage.
So after a good amount of research and some friendly people over on the Singletrack World forums I decided I would ride over there (rather than get a train to Rugeley where there is only a 20 simple road ride from the station) as it isn’t all that far.
The route I was suggested took me off the roads and down the canal into a village called Milford which is really quite small but has a brilliant bike shop . I was told to just get to there and ask the very helpful and friendly staff where to go next. These should have been simple instructions.. or so I was told.
These ‘simple’ instructions were something along the lines of “go up there for a bit get to a carpark, go over it keep going, go left, go right through the valley, left, up, right, follow the stream, up there, left, keep going… I thought I’d got it. But was pretty sure I’d go wrong anyway. I did. I made it through the valley and after that I must have taken a wrong turn because I never found the stream. Eventually I ended up in Brocton which is completely the wrong direction. Luckily once I’ve done a route once I know it and remember which way to go. So after about 3 hours I eventually made it home to Staffs. Making sure to stop at the tiny Wimpy drive in in Milford for a burger which I felt I had throughly earned!!

Kona Coiler

For those wondering what I’m riding its a 2004 Kona Coiler built from the frame up (eBay buy) as a all mountain/freeride bike. Its actually about 2 sizes to small at 17.5 inches. This makes pedaling on the ups an absolute bugger. When I get round to finding a bigger frame I may end up going for something a bit lighter with an air shock!




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20 05 2011

Cheers for posting Rich!

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