Cycling in Dave’s life – a true story

19 06 2011

If any of you have been out on a Club ride over the last year or so you’ll have probably met this happy, fun bloke called Dave.

Dave Le Trek aka Dave le Frog aka a really nice bloke

Always smiling, always with a positive outlook, always enjoying the time on his bike. Dave has become a MA regular and typifies embraces the spirit of what the Club is all about. Anyone who’s chatted with Dave as you sweat up yet another hill (that’ll be on one of Ming’s rides, probably) will also know that he’s an unusual chap, and mentioned to me a while ago that he wanted to write something about how cycling has made such a big and positive impact on his life.  Here, in Dave’s words is the honest and  heartfelt story of Dave and cycling….

“What a difference a day really can make!!!

When I started riding bikes as a young kid aged 7 the fun we used to have is still firmly at the front of my memory and when out riding I still have pleasant flash backs to my childhood when zooming down a hill or splashing through a stream.

No-one  at the time could have guessed what the future would provide, the choice of bikes today is amazing and at times confusing to say the least. If anything new was available 40 years ago, pocket money and ‘return bottles’ would be saved quickly to get what we wanted, but not always needed.

Remember when all we wanted to do was get out of school, get on our racers, arrange a meeting place and race each other around the local area, taking in as many shortcuts, dirt tracks and parks as we could fit in before been called in for supper, a hot bath and bed.

Funny how homework always got left till the end of the week….or completed in a rush the next morning before lessons started with the ring of the 9 o’clock bell.

I’ve ridden bikes all my life, except for a period of 4-6 years when I became a ‘part-time rider’ due to work, family and other commitments. At 29 I started my own entertainment business, which to my surprise grew quicker than Hobbz and Chadders on a downhill trail in the Welsh mountains!!

But, and this is good use of a cliché’, for me success had its problems. And my problem, which became a well hidden problem in amongst my business was alcohol. Over the years it got worse, but because I was spent so much time in and around the ‘Scene’ of Dj’s, bands, compares and ‘fit’ dancers….you really do get ‘sucked in’ and think nothing more of it.

On April 15th 2008, I lost my driving license for drinking and driving. This was the biggest and lowest  blow I had ever suffered………and one well deserved for my stupidity. Whilst in a period of hitting rock-bottom I thought about what I would do, how I could do it and where would I start. This was the day to make a difference.

I asked myself so many questions about what I wanted to do, and after compiling a few ‘pro’s & cons’ sheets of A4, it was a simple choice….Ridding bikes would make me ‘ME’ again.

OH MY GOD!!!!!………….was the first thing that I said to myself after buying a current magazine on bikes for riding off road. The challenge had started, and once again after many A4 sheets thrown on the floor I bought my bike.

If you have been out or ridden along side me, the person you see and hear is the person I have always been, it’s just that for a long time it was hidden under a fog of long nights and booze.

Why am I telling all that read this, firstly it’s not for sympathy thats for sure, it’s simple really…………you can make the change in your life no matter what, it makes no difference what your personal situation is. With a little understanding from those around and close to you, and lots of will power from within you can do anything you want to. Myself, I deal with my issues everyday and at the end of everyday I ride my bike and then I know that today has been a good day.

Out of this I have become a more fitter, happier, sociable and nicer person to spend time with, most who know me will testify to my obsession with MTBing……and only Lisa really knows how proud I was on the day I finally got my Sussex Muddy@rse shirt in Plymouth last year.

We all have many different stresses and strains placed upon us in many different ways and from different places………………….for me riding is the only way forward in dealing with these situations. From my heart I can not thank you all at Muddy@ enough for all your friendship and company on many different days out and road trips that we have completed together. Roll on the next trip to wherever it may take us….MMMMMM….Alps seems a good idea for 2012????”

Dave Le Trek




6 responses

19 06 2011

Well done for sharing that ! There by the grace of God go most of us,
Inspirational bit of blogging

20 06 2011
Jo (Glimmer)

Here, here.

Dave you are a great guy and a pleasure to hang out & ride with, I always look forward to your company. And I’m sure we all agree about the boost that riding gives us.

Keep smiling. 😉

20 06 2011

Dave that story shows what a genuine bloke you are, well done for sharing that.
yes always smiling and larking about. as i’ve now found out…. Paul

20 06 2011
Ming The Merciless

ME, Dave, Chadders, Hobbz & The Alps, what could possibly go wrong?

25 06 2011

Alps firmly at the top of my list for next summer!


25 06 2011

big hand my friend, big hand

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