Five glorious muddy years!

4 11 2011

Muddy@rse 5th Birthday Ride

Guy reports from a special MA Club ride – our fifth anniversary 🙂

” It was just another normal club ride to be honest.

no, that's not normal

And to think it all began with:


Sussex Uni, 22/10/2006

 Date: 22October

Time: 10am

Where Sussex University Sports Centre Carpark off A27

 Ride: 2-3hrs on south downs with a mixed group so everyone welcome. No tea/cake stop so bring own stuff


Funny how the big, important things in your life start isn’t it…

 Ok, quick admission here, the first Muddy@rse ride I actually managed to get to was the third or fourth official club ride at Whiteways in late January 2007. Outside of doing a charity off road ride in Devon in 1992, trying one utterly useless attempt at cyclo-cross at Lancing back in the late 90’s and a trailquest or two. I’d never been on any kind of proper organised regular club bike ride.

Truth be told, I actually tended to view mountain biking as pretty much a solitary past-time: go out for 2-3 hours on a Sunday morning on my own , ride on a lot of open bridleway tracks, stop, look at the view and, er, ride home. My riding area was pretty much confined to my own local area of the South Downs between Worthing and Slindon.

A post on Singletrackworld had mentioned a Sunday club ride at Whiteways and as this was almost on my doorstep I thought, well, I know the area, why not go along?

25miles or so later I had met Lisa, Jim, most of Sussex MTB, and what would later become Brighton MTB. I’d also been shown a couple of trails that I’d never seen before. I had packed my car and left before the coffee and cake at the end of the ride….

I missed the next ride.

However, in March the club ride was at Leith Hill. I’d ridden there once before on a Trailquest and thought it was, well, ok. Hilly but ok.

Yes it was hilly, but this time there some awesome singletrack. There was also a cake stop at Leith Hill tower. And some good banter.  I had a rather heavy headcam attached to my helmet and followed some bloke called Jim Kirk through some rather steep bombholes. There was some more singletrack. A trail called “Tail Wagging Dog” was ridden. Some more banter. Then a trail called “Sumer Lightning” that I’d heard about in some magazines. There was also coffee at the end and a lot of happy people…Along with a great early spring days riding, I seemed to have made some friends and I seemed to now belong to a mountain bike club.

I’ve been to quite a few club rides since: I’ve been on club roadtrips to welsh trailcentres, done enduro races under a variety of Muddy@rse team names, been on “normal “night rides, been on fancy dress/firework night rides, on (rare) occasions got loud and drunk, Ive had my riding skills both flattered and a moments later had them desert me completely, I’ve tried riding a tandem solo (from the back seat), gone bivvying, gone bothying, ridden in snow, ridden on ice, ridden on lethal wet chalk, driven 100miles in an evening just to make a pre-christmas night ride. I’ve crashed and indeed, I’ve caused a crash or two (or three). I’ve ridden with you guys under glorious clear blue summer skies on beautiful dry hardpack singletrack and in horrible gale blown rain and mud up to my axles in the depths of winter.

What MA rides do to you - Guy grins

Last Sundays’ ride was just another “normal” club ride: It rained, it was misty and windy and a bit grim on the South Downs way, the ground was slippery, the Stanmer singletrack was tricky, we all got a bit cold and wet, there were a few punctures, a few people fell off their bikes.

Getting eaten by the mist


In other words it was another flippin’ ace day out  and we all had coffee and cake and sang “Happy Birthday” very loudly at the end of the ride.

Mountain Biking is great fun but Mountain Biking with your mates is absolutely fantastic.


Happy Fifth Birthday Muddy@rse! 🙂






3 responses

4 11 2011

Well said Guy, couldn’t agree more.

God bless Muddy@rse and all who sail in her!

8 11 2011

if anyone tries to sail in my arse there will be words!

24 11 2011

rofl @ Jim that has just made my day. Brilliant!

@Guy – what a fantastic write up and you know, I had got a bit emotional when I read it. I also got a bit emotional when I saw that terrible photo of me at the beginning lol!

All I can say is that Muddy@rse is great and means the absolute world to me, and that means you lot do too. Happy birthday x

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