Contact Rich

Contact Rich with queries about the club and riding with us, or if you can’t get hold of Ollie.

Not received your validation email on the forum? Please try the following advice before contacting us:

Please check your spam or junk folders for the validation email. If you are using an email program such as Microsoft Outlook or similar and have checked the junk folder, you may find your ISP has a separate junk folder that doesn’t download to your computer. (BT Internet, Pipex, Yahoo for example) To check this online junk folder, you will need to log into your emails using what is normally referred to as webmail, checking your emails on your ISP’s website. For BT Internet and Yahoo, the log in is, for others its common for the address to be Once you find the email, remember to mark it as ‘not spam’ or add it to your address book to ensure future emails will reach you.

If all else fails, I can validate your account manually, but you will not receive messages from other members or the club so this is a last resort.

P.S You can resend your validation email by visiting the forum, and looking for ‘resend validation email’ link near the top right of the page. If you can’t remember your username, I can supply this via the contact form below.

Submit your message below, messages are emailed and will not appear as a comment.


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