Muddy@rse: South Downs Way in a Day 2008?

2 10 2007

Is it worth us organising a Muddy@rse ‘SDW-in-a-Day’ ride for 2008?

On the last two Muddy@rse rides a number of people have asked me about riding the SDW in a day during 2008. This summer (2007) a few of us did it in August and raised a chunk of money for Lisa’s nephew. A MA regular did it with the BHF in July and yet another did it solo in September just for the challenge. As a club we have a degree of collective experience to draw on that can be of benefit to everyone. The most favourable time of year is around June; however a hot day or prolonged rain will significantly increase the difficulty so we need to be flexible.


  • The SDW is just over 100 miles from Winchester to the western edge of Eastbourne. There is no real technical riding although there is plenty of scope to fall off(!) and there are some serious hills.
  • The ride direction is west to east, this does mean that the worst hills are at the end but it also means that the prevailing wind will be behind us.
  • This will be a Muddy@rse ride not a race – if you want to race or feel smug leaving others behind look elsewhere – this is not for you.
  • This is an endurance event and a steady pace that can be sustained for 100 miles is required, for reference we averaged 7.9mph on our ride in August.
  • No matter how good you are on a bike this is a seriously tough challenge, don’t underestimate it.
  • Someone will get knee/leg/muscle etc problems, we expect you to act responsibly and judge if you should drop out for the benefit of the group as a whole.
  • The usual Muddy@rse rules apply eg over eighteens and wear a helmet etc
  • You need to be able to get yourself to Winchester for a start time of 5:30am. We know suitable B&B places in Winchester if necessary.
  • We will raise money for a good cause that has relevance to us and will get sponsorhip forms printed up.
  • Individual cost will be approximately £35-00 for van hire and food contributions – Note: this does not include any B&B that you may require.
  • If we get a lot of volunteers we will prioritise Muddy@rse regulars.

If there enough takers we can organise something including dates, logistics, a support van and suggestions for training etc

Let us know if you want to do this.





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